Extreme Marine

Extreme Marine represents an extreme survival circumstance for humanity. A millennium of excreted heavy industrial byproducts, toxic pollutants, foul chemicals, and radioactive fallout turned an entire planet into an unforgiving wasteland. The planet’s oceans, a cesspool of multihued noxious sewage, have deluged and managed to substantially cover the planet’s surface area. Humans adapted by becoming a seafaring race, banding into clans and setting out in search of the few remaining unclaimed resources. The obligatory vessels of navigation are crudely fashioned junk-ships, large boats cobbled together out of the vestiges of a once more sophisticated society. Technological complexity ranges from highly advanced to shamefully primitive, depending entirely on how lucky of a scavenger an individual might be. Humans make do with what they have, but are quick to follow the latest rumor toward any new opportunity to even slightly reduce their hardship. Competition has become excessive over painfully scarce resources. Resulting factionism has further divided humans into warring groups to protect whatever scant gains they have made. Omnipotently present in the life of every nomad is the prospect of actually immersing in the ocean of effluent known colloquially as the “seap,” more than a few moments of which will result in debilitating sickness or death. Not surprisingly, few sufficiently know how to swim. Water, of course, is in disturbingly short supply, and “fresh” sources are fought over bitterly. A pint of even moderately potable water makes for acceptable payment of up to a month’s service on a junk-ship. The rough seaborne existence causes a ship crew to become fiercely loyal to their vessel and each other. Junk-ships sometimes form temporary allegiances when the situation is suitable, but these are likely only to last as long as there is bounty to accumulate. Humans, however, are not the only species to adapt to the inundated landscape. The seap is home to an entire undocumented ecosystem of mutated creatures. Unfortunately, the last thing a junk-ship crew can expect to see in his or her short life is an array of giant menacing tentacles emerging from the deep…

Type: Miniatures Game

Recommended Scale: 25mm

Players: 2-10

Ages: 13 and up

Playing Time: 4 hours

Complexity: High

Released: 2010

Extreme Marine is a miniatures game of the ship & vehicle type. It is a skirmish level game, made to be played with less than 10 man-sized miniatures per side. The big fun of the game, of course, is the opportunity to use your imagination to create large and fully customized post-apocalyptic sea-faring vessels and then pit them against one another on an ocean of toxic waste! Crafting your own junk-ships is the best part, as a miniature ship made of junk can be assembled yourself from… well, junk. Once your ship has been properly cobbled together you can begin drafting a crew to bravely sail your hardy vessel.

The rules cover almost anything that can happen in a post-apocalyptic liquid universe. The rules include movement, shooting, sickness, heavy weapons, ramming, monsters, exploding engines and drowning, just to name a few examples. Players take turns doing maneuvers and actions, and then pick up some of the many items found scattered around the table. Items are one of the major elements of the game, and small item counters are used to note the assorted real-world based objects that are so sought after in the forbidding future, which of course have fun in-game effects. Five scenarios are offered to get players started on high-seas adventures. The scenarios are typically team based to allow for multiple players, but can also be played in pairs. Crew miniatures can be obtained from a variety of manufacturers. DLG recommends the following suppliers:

Extreme Marine is currently available in the form of a colorfully illustrated rulebook. The book contains comprehensive rules, boat crafting instructions, templates, 5 scenarios, and loads of printable counters.


$15.00 – Printed and bound 32 page rulebook!